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We are, all of us, asking questions about ourselves, about our relationships, about life and death.  Every day these questions come up and every day we ponder them. 

That's therapy.  That's understanding who we are and where we are going.  FindingStone is here to help when those questions get tough and the answers frighten or disturb us.  Our staff will work with you, through our various services, with care, empathy, and understanding.

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Family Therapy

Our therapists  have all had training in family therapy.  This technique is often a powerful way o
producing lasting change.  We help families build on their strengths and develop clear lines of 
communication.  We work with couple's issues and parenting issues.  Our staff has experience
working with families who are dealing with difficult situations involving aging parents or relatives.

Family therapy help a couple avoid separation or divorce.  If a couple have decided that separation
is inevitable, family work can help minimize stress and help the mother and father work out parenting issues.

Family therapy can be either short or long term.  Some situations can be improved within a few
sessions by helping each family member clearly communicate with the others about a particular
issue.  Other family situations may require an integrated team approach.  In this situation, one
therapist in our group might see one family member for individual therapy and another therapist in
the group would see the family.

We also  offer  parenting workshops for parents of children with disruptive behavior disorders, 
as well as workshops and parenting classes designed  for the parent seeking to develop new
skills and polish the old ones.  Schedule an appointment

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Individual Therapy


Anyone can feel overwhelmed by depression, work, relationship problems, or other difficult life circumstances
Often, family and friends can help work it out, but sometimes, you need something more.  Our qualified
therapists can help.  We offer brief, solution-oriented counseling as well as more in-depth, intensive therapy
Counseling can teach you to use creative problem-solving to help you handle future problems.
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Therapeutic hypnosis is quite different from the amateur or "stage" hypnosis.  Therapeutic hypnosis requires
advanced studies during or after mental health training.

We can use hypnosis to help treat phobias, post traumatic stress disorders, psychosomatic disorders, 
and anxiety.  We also use hypnosis and visualization to augment psychotherapy in certain situations.
We do not  use hypnosis for memory retrieval or legal cases.
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 Dream Insight Group

Dreams are to a psyche like wings are to a butterfly.  They are both delicate and powerful.
Although mysterious and fragile, these gossamer nighttime creations make it possible for us to fly.
Dreams are constantly available inner resources for personal transformation.

Through working with dreams you can: reduce fears of sleeping and dreaming, allow contact with your greater self,
and encourage playfulness in your work with your Self.

    You will learn:

  • Safe dream-working skills
  • Dream journaling
  • Dream incubation
  • How to interview yourself and others
  • About functions of dreams
  • Individual & Group dream-working techniques
  • How dreams can connect you to yourself and to others
  • About deepening your understanding of your symbolic life
  • To use wisdom from native cultures, theorists such as Freud and Jung, and modern dream research
    and practices to deepen your dreaming life


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10am-1pm - Saturday 

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