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The Findingstone Reading Library

Included in these pages is a list of books which we  have either read, used in our work, or just plain appreciate. Use the links to the left to explore books in every section.

They can be purchased from simply by clicking the hyperlinked title.  Order these books today, right online with up to 30% discounts and have the book on your doorstep in 2-3 days. ALL transactions are secure and safe and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Look below for our Featured Books of the Month

A Guide to Possibility Land: Fifty-One Methods for Doing Brief, Respectful Therapy
by William Hudson O'Hanlon, Sandy Beadle, Bill O'Hanlon, Sandy Beade

The Date Doctor's Guide to Dating : How to Get from First Date to Perfect Mate

by Bart Ellis

cover Out of the Box for Life: Being Free is Just a Choice
Warren Berland

My Parents Still Love Me Even Though They're Getting Divorced : An Interactive Tale for Children
by Lois V. Nightingale, Blanca Apodaca (Illustrator)
Overcoming Postpartum Depression, A Doctor's Own Story
by Lois V. Nightingale
Ophelia Speaks, cover
Ophelia Speaks : Adolescent Girls Write About Their Search for Self
by Sara Shandler
The Maiden King by Robert Bly & Marion Woodman

The Maiden King : The Triumph of the Feminine
by Robert Bly, Marion Woodman

The story of the Maiden Tsar is richly complex, detailing a young man's encounters with a series of strong female characters--some mythical, some mortal--including a tutor who betrays him, the harsh but wise Baba Yaga, and the omnipotent and beautiful Maiden Tsar. In his commentary, Bly explores the representation of the masculine, drawing on psychological, spiritual, and mythological sources to inform his analysis; Woodman uses a Jungian lens through which she can probe the psyche of the feminine. Together they hope to find a place in which the two sexes can coexist, without undermining or compromising the powerful energy of the feminine.

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