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Simply click on the appropriate button then, when you have answered all of the questions, click the Total button.  You can print this form and manually apply the values shown to the right for each answer.
1. How has your mood been lately as compared to your normal state? unhappy average very happy
2. How is your sleep pattern? don't sleep well okay no problem

3. How much transition or change is occurring in your life?

major changes minor changes few changes
4. How is your health? many problems excellent health few problems
5. How are your relationships with friends, family, spouse? very unhappy okay very content
6. Do you have trouble expressing your needs and feelings and saying no when you don't feel like doing something? yes, definitely sometimes never!
7. How is your sex life? very poor okay excellent
8. Is your sexual behavior healthy and satisfying? unhealthy healthy
9. Are you comfortable with your sexual orientation? no unsure yes
10. Do you have problems with sexual/life issues (such as concerns about having children, fertility, pregnancy, birth control, or abortion)? difficulties sometimes none
11. Have you noticed problems with your memory? forgetful okay perfect memory
12. Do childhood memories or lack of them cause you any distress? often unsure no
13. Do you accept the way that you look and feel about your body? hate it! love it!
14. Are you taking time out for yourself? no time sometimes often
15. Do you have excessive feelings of anxiety, fear, or distressing phobias? regularly sometimes never
16. Are you having occupational, school problems, or problems taking care of your family? yes, problems some none
17. Are there any stressful situations occurring in your life? high stress some low stress
18. Are you or someone close to you faced with a life-threatening illness? yes no
19. How has your energy state been lately compared to your normal state? large change some no change
20. Do you find it difficult to understand and express your feelings? very much so sometimes never
21. Do you find yourself repeating behavior patterns that are unhealthful or that are causing you distress? often rarely never
22. Do you have trouble staying in a committed relationship even though you desire intimacy? yes, problems no problem
23. Do you find yourself losing your temper often? often rarely never
24. Do you feel that eating is a major focus in your life? very important so-so not at all
25. Do you feel that you provide adequately for your family and/or for yourself? no sometimes yes
26. Do you have problems with emotions changing in cyclical or unexplainable ways? severe rarely never
27. Have you ever been raped, physically abused, beaten, or otherwise sexually assaulted? yes no
28. Would you like to learn more about yourself and why you are the way that you are? very interested not interested


What Your Scores Mean

If you are scoring low on this test, can we offer to be of assistance?  We have people who will listen and help you bring this under control. 

For a complimentary initial consultation, print the results of your stress test and bring it with you.

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