William Cloke, PhD, MFCC.  - -  My approach involves compassion, understanding, respect, and empathy.
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Monograph: Rage, Shame and the Death of Love

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Bill has been working in the field of psychology for 20 years.  His work began in 1979 after teaching for eleven years.  He began working in private practice with an orientation toward existential psychology and then went on to receive training in psychodynamic self psychology when he received his doctorate.  He did his dissertation in the area of shame which, he feels, may be the foundation of most psychological distress.  He has found, in working with individuals and couples, that shame issues continue to remain at the core of most psychological conflicts.  He is just now putting the finishing touches on a book about how to create and maintain loving relationships and is hoping to have it published next year.  Bill works with individuals and couples and attempts to find a unique way of working with people to suit their special needs.  His approach involves compassion, understanding, respect, and empathy.  This is true in the way he works and in the way that he helps others develop relationships, both within themselves and with others, that allow them to respond positively and energetically to life.

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